Payfrit Pads is an amazing new lifestyle using hi-tech Tokyo-style capsule beds hosted in regular houses.

The Payfrit app handles all the daily transactions of the house: meals, snacks, drinks, scooters, laundry, car rental, etc. It also allows residents (and neighbours!) to order food for delivery from locally-owned restaurants, and the Payfritters (residents of a Payfrit Pad can earn making these deliveries, or doing short hop local rideshares on the Payfrit app also.

PYT is the cryptocurrency that underpins the whole enterprise. This website will explain PYT to you, and also show you how our token is currently a utility token, but is also convertible into common stock in Payfrit Inc at the equivalent of 1 PYT = 1 share (out of a total of 21 million fully diluted shares).

Payfrit Pads sleep pod interior